Can Image Intense use SVG files?

SVG usage in WordPress is complicated. One, it is not enabled in WordPress by default because of a very good reason – it can present a security risk.

We don’t feel like it’s a good idea to have Image Intense modify theme functionality by allowing SVG usage, possibly exposing anyone using Image Intense to those security risks.

However, Image Intense will work just fine with SVG files as long as you are willing to update your theme on your own.  Here is a really good article on why this is a problem, and what you can do to safely get SVG usage on your site.  Be aware that Superfly can’t be responsible for any security issues if you do choose to follow this guide.

SVG files are great space savers, but again, we don’t feel like it’s our place to put other users at risk.  We believe it is up to each individual user to take on that particular responsibility.