Image Intense 3.2.5 Release Notes


Image Intense 3.2.5 is now available as an upgrade notification in your WordPress admin area. If not, you can access the update by logging into your account at

Before upgrading, please read the following notes for some very important information about this release!

Each new release of Image Intense includes important updates. Be sure to review Image Intense updates on a staging/development site before updating your live site.

Why? Due to a large number of Divi updates (and updates to Divi related items) released by Elegant Themes from late June 2017 going forward, it has been a challenge, as 3rd party developers, keeping up with how the code within Divi has changed.

If you experience any problems after testing an Image Intense update, please let us know before you make live updates and we will see if we can figure out the problem. Note that we can’t be responsible for making sure custom CSS changes beyond the Image Intense module settings stay working like you had them, or for any data loss as a result of this update. If you have additional questions or need support, please submit a support request


Image Intense Changelog

3.2.5 (03/30/2018)

* Code mods to fix an occasional problem with third party plugin compatibility. Special thanks to Alex Sanmartinfdez for kindly pointing this out to us.


3.2.4 (10/03/2017)

* Code mods to prevent inline styling duplication that was being generated after recent Divi updates. While Image Intense was working just fine, there were several lines of unnecessary styling that have now been eliminated. Special thanks to Mario Peischl for kindly pointing this out to us.


 3.2.3 (08/21/2017)

* Updated CSS to handle issues with Internet Explorer causing glitches in the hover effect for Rochester.

* Updated CSS to prevent scrollbars from appearing in Internet Explorer when on smaller viewport widths.


3.2.2 (07/03/2017)

* Some overlay hover effects were not working on ‘page’ post types, only on ‘post’ post types. This has been fixed.

* Automatic text-transform for Uppercase (all caps) has been removed so that the text-transform settings for Title Font and Caption Font on the Design tab will work as expected. PLEASE CHECK THIS ON YOUR MODULES IF YOU UPDATE SO THAT YOUR SITE WILL BEHAVE AS YOU EXPECT.


3.2.1 (06/30/2017)

* Added custom CSS handling for Divi version 3.0.52 and above where 3rd party integration failed with their release of static CSS file generation.

* Minor updates to native Image Intense CSS declarations.

* Improved handling of font size, border, max width and image alignment settings.


3.2 (05/19/2017)

* Implementation of the Divi Builder new toggles and redesigned tabs. Options are grouped clearly and are easier to find.

* Fix where font size settings disappeared with the release of Divi v3.0.45

* Improved handling of font size, border, max width and image alignment settings.


3.1.4 (05/12/2017)

* Code mods for more effiency in CSS generation.

* Fix for a problem where font-family settings weren’t taking effect.


3.1.3 (05/11/2017)

* Admin version bump for quality control and version syncing. No new feature enhancements in this release.


3.1.2 (05/10/2017)

* Fixed a problem where custom Title and Caption font colors were not being properly generated.

* Updated code to correctly handle accessibility options (alt and title tags) for main images.

* Stopped console warning ‘Undefined index: text_font_size’ that could stop a site running when using extreme debug settings.


3.1 (04/20/2017)

* Fixed a problem with device settings on Title font size where CSS was not being properly generated.

* Slight CSS mods for Auckland to allow more room for the Caption text.


3.1 (04/12/2017)

* Any available updates released after this version (3.1) will be listed right within your WordPress admin area, and you can update immediately if you want. No downloading new versions from your Superfly account or any need to wait for email notifications!

* New Advanced Design Setting that allows addition of a ‘Custom Overlay Gradient’. Includes transparency and orientation, with color and position for beginning and ending stops for both normal state and hover state.

* Enhanced CSS for mobile versions of some hover effect styles


3.0 (3/23/2017)

* Due to a change in licensing and terms of use where pieces of our hover effects originated, weíve completely rewritten Image Intense. This required us to alter effect names and CSS classes throughout the plugin. See the full details at

* Image Intense 3.0 *IS NOT* backwards compatible with previous versions of Image Intense

* 20% reduction in stylesheet size

* Media queries added for better display of effects on viewport sizes less than 640px

* Fixed problem with top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top animation not working

* Fixed a Divi bug where \”Justified\” as a caption orientation option would produce invalid CSS

* Fixed problem where CTA button would still show even if turned back off and the button text and URL were not deleted first


2.0 (1/26/2017)

* Added button functionality (basic setup, styling and positioning)

* Added font/text control (title text, caption text, formatting & links, mixed blend title text)

* Added image control (hover, media size, opacity, mixed blend mode & background image)


1.1 (6/28/2016)

* Fixed the height issue on some Apple devices

* Fixed some width issues for Internet Explorer