Version 3.0 Release Notes


Image Intense 3.0 has just been released and is now available by logging into your account at Before upgrading, please read the following notes for some very important information about this release!

Image Intense 3.0 IS NOT backwards compatible with previous versions of Image Intense. Why? Due to a change in licensing and terms of use where pieces of our hover effects originated, we’ve completely rewritten Image Intense. This required us to alter effect names and CSS classes throughout the plugin. We also have a brand new demo page, available here:

Unless you made major CSS changes to Image Intense, all module settings will remain intact after upgrade with the exception of the effect names. All you will need to do is open up the Image Intense modules and select the effect you wish to use. 

For your convenience, we’ve listed the old effect names and what they were changed to. Going forward, be sure you have the latest Image Intense on your new installs.

Old (version 2.0 and earlier) New (version 3.0+)
Apollo Kiev
Bubba Berlin
Chico Cali
Dexter Douala
Goliath Toronto
Honey Hanoi
Jazz Taipei
Julia Sydney
Layla London
Lexi Madison
Marley Mumbai
Milo Rochester
Ming Portland
Moses Lisbon
Oscar Oslo
Quentin Jerusalem
Romeo Dallas
Ruby Auckland
Sadie Seattle
Sarah Seoul
Selena Paris
Steve Copenhagen 

If you added any custom CSS styles for Image Intense, you will need to rewrite those styles using the new class names. 

As always, before going live with the updated Image Intense plugin, please test the upgraded version on a development/staging server. We are not responsible for any data loss as a result of this upgrade. If you have additional questions or need support, please submit a ticket to


Aside from the name changes listed above, the following are updates and “bug” fixes associated with this version 3.0 release of Image Intense:

  • 20% reduction in stylesheet size.
  • Media queries added for better display of effects on viewport sizes less than 640px.
  • Fixed problem with top-to-bottom and bottom-to-top animation not working.
  • Fixed a Divi bug where “Justified” as a caption orientation option would produce invalid CSS.
  • Fixed problem where CTA button would still show even if turned back off and the button text and URL were not deleted first.