Hurricane Harvey fundraiser information regarding Image Intense

If you donated to the Hurricane Harvey relief program set up by Divi Chat, we can’t thank you enough! The folks here at BeSuperfly were a part of that by offering a coupon code for a free Hardcore (unlimited) license for Image Intense with any donation of $50 or more.

If you are one of the ones who helped out with that amount or more, you received two emails: 1) a donation confirmation.  2) an email with links to each of the products or services offered by the WordPress and Divi vendors that participated in the relief program, along with a coupon code to be used during your purchase process.

While the relief program was a silver lining in the lives of many, many families, it’s unfortunate and inevitable that those with less than altruistic motives would share the coupon code in order to get free products without any goal of helping others.

BeSuperfly (and most other participating vendors) have decided that, after almost a month, the coupon code has been expired. This allowed enough time for those who donated to take advantage of their generosity. However, we realize that sometimes it takes a bit of time to get things rolling for those who are less organized or are not actually sure if a product offered can be useful in your business. 

In that regard, if you have a coupon code that you have not yet used, and you’d like to take advantage of your generosity by redeeming your code for a free hardcore license for Image Intense, here’s what you’ll need to do (and we sincerely apologize that bad guys make it hard for the good guys):

Please submit a support ticket. Select “Image Intense” as the Related Product. Within the “Description” field, describe your participation. Then, use the “Attachments” option to provide a screenshot of the donation confirmation email you received. This would be the email that confirms the amount you donated, not the email you received that contains the download links and associated coupon codes.

Once we have verified your donation, we will be Superfly happy to get you access to a lifetime of Image Intense.

Again, we apologize for all the trouble if you haven’t had a chance to redeem. Thanks so much for your understanding, and your support of those in need!