My child theme import menu link shows the wrong name

If you have installed more than one newer or recently updated Superfly child themes on your site, you will most certainly have encountered this “issue”. Even if you deleted your earlier Superfly child theme before you installed the new one.

You might see something like this:

For example, you previously installed the Josefin child theme, but now have the Motiv8 child theme active. But you still see “josefin” as a menu link in your WordPress admin area.

No worries! Even though the link name doesn’t match, the functionality of importing your demo content and plugins works just as it needs for your currently active Superfly child theme.

We are working with the developer of that feature to see what can be done to eliminate that bit of confusion.

In the meantime:

1) Despite the incorrect link name, go ahead and use it as per the instructions for your child theme. It works just fine. We will have this fixed in future updates.

2) If it really bothers you, go to the child-theme-name > Support menu option. On that page, click the “Reset Import Settings” button. Your menu link should then reflect the name of your current Superfly child theme.