Anthem Changelog


  • Code added to functions.php to try to prevent unwarranted “update theme” nag messages.
  • Bumped version to 3.3.1


  • Fixed “deprecated constructor” warning to ensure future PHP compatibility in functions.php.
  • Added “Home Alternate” page.
  • Swapped photos on some pages.
  • Updated JSON layout files on the Anthem “Layouts” page.
  • Added some CSS transparent color overlay classes: darkOverlay, greyOverlay, lightOverlay
  • Bumped version to 3.3


  • Fixed missing fullscreen menu background image.
  • Added additional ‘transform’ CSS for better browser compatibility.
  • Updated to a new, easier to use demo content import process.
  • Bumped version to 3.2


  • Added CSS to main Child Theme CSS to support Gradient Text
  • Updated every instance of Gradient Text to comply with Divi updates.
  • Overhauled opt-in forms to use the native Divi Subscribe module and changed opt-in form wording to “Slim Name/Email Form” and “Slim Email Form”
  • Bumped version to 3.1


  • Optimized all media and content.xml to curtail some one-click installation failures
  • Integrated Page Builder Everywhere 2.0
    • Removed header.php
    • Removed footer.php
    • Changed “copyright” (bottom bar footer) to use default functionality via Divi > Theme Customizer
    • Added CSS to bottom bar footer to make it uniform with previous PBE version
  • Bumped version to 3.0