Josefin Changelog



  • Module adjustments on almost every page for Headings on mobile.
  • Additional CSS styling for other areas.
  • Bumped version to 4.1


  • Gorgeous “Split Header” page added – Home > Split Header
  • Fresh, new images included in many areas
  • New example “Layouts” page available at Pages > Layouts
  • Easily accessible additional demo content – almost a dozen new layout JSON packages available at Pages > Download Layouts
  • CSS updates to incorporate the new stuff and enhance the existing stuff
  • Bumped version to 4.0


  • Updated demo content import process to fix a bug caused by a library change in Divi 3.0.99+
  • Bumped version to 3.2.2


  • Fixed issue with pixel-width “white space” showing on right side of browser.
  • Integrated simpler, faster “Easy Demo Import” for sample content and plugin import process.
  • Bumped version to 3.2


  • Updated main Child Theme CSS
  • Removed Gradient Text from Home Page
  • Added CSS to the “Home Colors” Page’s Custom CSS area
  • Bumped version to 3.1



  • Integrated one-click installation process
  • Optimized all media and content.xml to curtail some one-click installation failures
  • Integrated Page Builder Everywhere 2.0
    • Removed header.php
    • Removed footer.php
    • Changed “copyright” (bottom bar footer) to use default functionality via Divi > Theme Customizer
    • Added CSS to bottom bar footer to make it uniform with previous PBE version
  • Bumped version to 2.0