How to solve Broken Themes Error: “The following themes are installed but incomplete”

All of our products are built using the powerful Divi theme, so first make sure you have Divi installed on your site.

Once you’ve got Divi installed, this error may appear if your Divi theme (or child theme) has a different name than ‘Divi’. There are two ways you can go about fixing this.

1. change the divi theme name back to divi

On WordPress, go to Appearance > Editor and select your Divi theme from the top right.
In the styles.css file change the “Theme Name” to “Divi”:

or: 2. change the template in your superfly theme

Alternatively, you can follow the same steps as above, but choose your SuperFly theme instead of Divi, and change the “Template” line to reflect the name of your modified Divi theme (or child theme) name.¬†