Homepage Custom Elements

1. three column section

You’ll have to create a row with the class homepage_threecol and with the following structure:

2. custom media gallery

If you want a specific Gallery to behave the way this one does:

You’ll need to create a normal picture gallery, set the number of photos shown to 4 and add the class custom_media_gallery to it.

3. custom video popup

If you’d like to have an image with the Play button in the middle and trigger a video Popup all you have to do is insert and Image Module in the page, copy the Youtube or Vimeo video link in the Image Module Link url box and add the class video_popup to the Image Module.

You can add the class video_popup to a Button or Blurb Module in the same way. The Url will always go in the Module’s Link Url Box but you’ll also have to add the class no_icon in order to stop the Play Button from displaying.

4. homepage blog

In order to recreate this blog section:

You’ll just need to create a Blog Module, use a Layout Grid, copy the font options from the Homepage Module and add the homepage_blog class.

5. homepage testimonial slider

If you’d like to recreate this section:

You’ll have to create a slider module and give it the class homepage_custom_testimonials . Also you’ll have to make sure to make the person’s name and person’s title are on two different line and that they re H3 and respectively an H4 in the Slider Content.

6. one line form

In order to get a form to display on one line like this:

All you have to do is create a form wit only one Input and give it the class one_line_form