Content Intense Release Notes


Content Intense 1.3 is now available as an upgrade notification in your WordPress admin area. If not, you can access the update by logging into your account at

Before upgrading, please read the following notes for some very important information about this release!

Each new release of Content Intense includes important updates. Be sure to review Content Intense updates on a staging/development site before updating your live site.

Why? Due to a large number of Divi updates (and updates to Divi related items) released by Elegant Themes from late June 2017 going forward, it has been a challenge, as 3rd party developers, keeping up with how the code within Divi has changed.

If you experience any problems after testing a Content Intense update, please let us know before you make live updates and we will see if we can figure out the problem. Note that we can’t be responsible for making sure custom CSS changes beyond the Content Intense module settings stay working like you had them, or for any data loss as a result of this update. If you have additional questions or need support, please submit a support request!

Content Intense Changelog

1.3 (12/18/2017)

* Added ability to sort blog excerpts by common WP options, including date, post ID, author, title, post slug, modified date, comment count, and random. Also with the ability to sort ascending or descending.

* CSS mods to handle latest Divi updates.

1.2 (10/16/2017)

* Addition of new style ‘Everest’ – a 3-column layout where a portrait-oriented featured image is the focus, along with new hover effects including a subtle scrolling featured image.

* Default and custom strings within Content Intense have been made translation ready for use in your multi-lingual sites when using plugins such as WPML, Polylang, and more. Translation ready strings include: meta date format, custom meta separator, READ MORE default and custom texts, author byline, and PREVIOUS/NEXT custom texts. Any string related to Content Intense has a context of ‘divi-content-n10s’ for ease of access in your multi-lingual dashboard.

1.1.1 (09/21/2017)

* Updates to “Andes” styling for more balance within text and meta data areas.

1.1 (09/11/2017)

* Added layout style #5, Andes. A vertical, 1-column centered layout with a max width of 800px.

* Better handling of API license key activation.

* Some code comments cleanup.

1.0 (08/31/2017)

* Initial version.